Oahu Hawaii Photographers | Izumoto Photography - family photo :)

We are a husband & wife photography team on the island of Oahu, Hawaii with a passion for creating an amazing photography experience for you.  We specialize in Hawaii engagement and wedding photography on location around Oahu, but are also available for other projects such as TTD (trash the dress), family, senior, maternity, special events, and interisland travel.  We strive to offer the highest quality images at affordable prices, making us a great value for photography on Oahu, Hawaii.

We are inspired by beautiful light and will run to chase it...

In the beginning, we were passionate photographer hobbyists with the island of Oahu and our travels as our muse.  The birth of our first child, however, inspired us greater than we could have imagined.  From Kai's first close up moments after being born, through the "torturous" baby props, to those "oh so cool" toddler poses, he amazes us everyday.  We see our children learning and growing before our eyes, and feel blessed to be able to treasure the moments we have captured in our images--the excitement, contentment, sillyness, thoughtfulness, and yes, even pouty moments.  No matter the sentiment, our children have shown us how precious these moments are.  This is why we dedicate our photography business to our children--Kai and Kiari.  They are our life and inspiration.