Chinese New Year 2016

CNY (Chinese New Year) in Hawaii is a pretty big thing.  We had free time this year so we decided to head to Chinatown for the parade.  Streets were closed for food booths, street vendors, performers, and of course the parade.  Parking lots were full and traffic was there in spades.  First up…FOOD!


When you’re in Chinatown don’t forget to try some Dim Sum!

Kai eats something new and says he likes it, but his expression says otherwise.

After Lunch

we let Kai “feed” the Chinese Lion for good luck.  Kiari was soooo not into it, she screamed when the Lion approached her.  Poor baby girl.  After that we browsed Chinese Cultural Plaza before hitting the streets.


OMG This Lechonwas absolutely delish!


we found a nice shady spot between two streets (closest spot available we could find) and waited patiently for an hour before the parade started.