Hi guys!  Izumoto Photography is proud to present our simple wedding page. This timeless (pun intended) wedding page will captivate your family and friends with a classy layout.  A simple url with your name (i.e. will be assigned to your page making it easy to remember and share with everyone.

Your wedding page will feature a full screen slideshow of up to 5 of your gorgeous images from our engagement session.  A sytlish font embellishes the countdown as your wedding day draws closer, announcing your union. Social icons can be found in the upper left corner for guests to have quick access to your favorite social media of choice.  Our favorite has to be the enigmatic fog that rolls by the lower screen as silhouettes of birds fly in and out of the mist.  OMG so cool lol.  It’s so subtle yet adds a calm, mysterious, romantic feeling…


In this section we cover your details which can be reached by either using the menu in the lower left corner, or by simply scrolling down the page.

A short story of you both is followed by the locations and times of ceremony and reception. A cute pin on google maps shows your wedding ceremony location too! We also include links to where you are registered giving easy access for your guests, assuring you acquire your hand-picked gifts.

There is room here to add more information like accommodations or a dinner rehearsal info for example. Let us know what you prefer!


At the bottom of the page you will find your contact section which can include any personal info you may or may not want to include. For your convenience a RSVP form is also present which will notify you via your email of any responses.