New for 2016 -- USB FLASH DRIVES

We’re really excited about our new USB flash drives!  New for 2016, we offer an upgrade option for your digital images.  Clients who have a 4+ hour wedding booked with us you will be automatically upgraded to a USB flash drive at no extra cost.  If you don’t have a 4+hr wedding booked with us, you can still opt to purchase a USB for $25.

More durable than CD/DVD media

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with our custom personalized DVDs, but sometimes the mailman is having a bad day...know what I mean? Got kids like ours? Yea...fingerprints & scratches anyone? The USB will probably endure. Data can last on a flash drive for up to 10 years, but don't forget to back up your files! If you ever lose your disc or files, don't hesitate to ask us for a replacement! We have some sessions from up to 3 years ago!

Does your mac/pc have an optical drive?

It’s being slowly phased out.  Everything is digital in the cloud or on USB for convenience and quick easy access.

My macbook doesn’t have one…neither does my ipad, tablet, or desktop PC for that matter!  I use an external DVD burner.

Ooooh!  Pretty lights!

These USB Flash Drives come laser engraved with our logo and glows red when plugged in. AHEM...swag