We recommend that you give yourself some time and really think carefully about the outfits you will wear on the day of your session.   After all, these will be pictures that you will look back on 20 years from now and say “whoa” I was young! LOL. Seriously though, think timeless, not trendy. You can use the outfits as an extension of your family’s personality, such as using neutrals and flowing fabric to show your family’s softer side or bold coordinating colors to show a more fun side.  We recommend staying away from prints or too many different patterns.  Think about where we will be taking pictures, the colors of our surroundings.  Choose a complimenting palette (or contrasting one) and go from there.  Ultimately it’s up to you.   Feel free to drop us a line if you need any help with coordination.

We accept cash and check.  You may also pay by credit card through an online invoice with a 3% fee.

Our regular portrait sessions come with your choice of your favorite 15 images from your online viewing gallery.   Our portrait event packages include all edited images in your gallery, approximately 75+.  Inquire for more info about our portrait event packages.

Yes!!!  Please buy more, our kids need college tuitions…

Our portrait event packages includes all edited images from your session. Usually 75+, but this is a special offer that may only be chosen pre-session, so be sure to let us know ahead of time.

If you decide after your session that you would like additional images, they may be purchased ala carte from your gallery at $10 a digital file.

Your proofed images will receive a basic edit in Lightroom for color, exposure, contrast, saturation, and some recovery of highlights and shadows.  Your favorite images chosen from the proofing gallery will receive a final edit for distracting people and objects in the background.  Any additional requests will be subject to additional charges.

Your personal proofing gallery will be ready in approximately 2 weeks.  After selecting your images, we will do a final edit (for people in the background etc.) and create a downloadable gallery of your high resolution images for you.

Things happen, we get it.  If you get to us at least a day ahead of the date, we will do our best to reschedule for another day.  Otherwise a $50 cancellation fee applies, which would be taken out of your deposit.

We don’t post everything we do, but just let us know if you prefer to keep your pictures private.

IKR?  We actually get asked this question a lot.  Makes us wonder if we are making our clients too hard for their pictures. :p This depends on what time of day it is, and where we are on the Island.  I guess you will just have to schedule a session to find out…lol


Izumoto Photography was officially founded in April 2012.  Through 2015, we have had the priviledge of photographing 200+ weddings.

We are a husband and wife team, which means that you will be contracted to receive the both of us.  Should one of us be unable to attend, we will make arrangements to provide another photographer to take his/her place.  Please note that this has happened only once and it was due to our daughter’s birth.  We will make every effort to be there ourselves.

We conservatively estimate that you will receive 75 images per hour of actual shooting, this number can vary depending on the events of your day. Traveling or downtime does not apply to actual time shooting.

For weddings under 4 hours, your gallery of images will be ready within 4-6 weeks.  For weddings 4+ hours, images can be expected within 2 months.

Great!  To reserve your date we require a signed contract and 20% deposit.

We accept cash and check.  We also accept credit card payment through an online invoice with a 3% processing fee.

We don’t post everything we do, but just let us know if you prefer to keep your pictures private.

It’s not required, but we work better on a happy stomach.  Many venues offer vendor meals like a sandwich and chips.