KANEOHE WEDDINGJoshua 💕 JulieGetting Ready • Aston Waikiki Beach HotelCeremony • Ko'olau BallroomsReception • Ko'olau Ballrooms

☁ Some people may think that Hawaii is all sunshine & blue skies, but there is a reason we have rainbows on our license plates. As Oahu wedding photographers we are fortunate enough to work in one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. The Ko’olau Ballrooms located on the windward side of Oahu provided us with a serene, lush landscape to capture Joshua’s and Julie’s special day. Julie’s light-heartedness and Joshua’s chill demeanor worked so well together, it was not very difficult to see why they belong with one another. They were both so laid back that they even stood in the rain for us!!! Thank you Joshua & Julie for allowing us the opportunity to capture your beautiful Kaneohe wedding on Oahu!

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