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🌅 ⛅ Looking to ditch some of those stay-at-home-order blues? Are you missing the taste of salt in the air and calming sounds of the crashing waves along the shoreline?  Sorry, but these pictures will make you miss them more lol!   Who doesn’t love an intimate engagement session with a passionate couple in paradise??? If you love photography and LOVE as much as we do, then it’s easy to see a how couples’ session like this one makes our job as engagement photographers on Oahu an absolute delight.   

At first chance, we jumped at the opportunity to photograph Kelly and Tom’s engagement session.  If you are lucky enough to live in Hawaii, you’ve probably seen Kelly on the local news Hawaii News Now.  Together, we bounced around multiple setting and timing ideas until we decided on a sunrise session along the east side of Oahu–some of our favorite romantic sunrise locations.  We settled on three locations in total and planned for about an hour and a half session– We wound up having such a blast with Tom and Kelly that we actually spent three hours with them!

Even before the session was over, we just knew that we were going to be incredibly happy with what we were able to capture in these engagement pictures.  With each location change, we were able to create a completely different ambience, using different background textures, angles, moods, wardrobe, and lighting. Huge thank you to Tom and Kelly also as they were so open to our crazy ideas and they were so enthusiastic! If we could use a few words to describe these lovebirds it would be playful, genuine, and adventurous.  This was without a doubt captured in these pictures.

Check out our sunrise session at Sandy Beach Park, followed by an early morning session at Eternity Beach, and finally wrapping up near the Halona Blow Hole.

Oh yea, you’ll want to stick around till the end for a little surprise!

♥ IZUMOTO PHOTOGRAPHY | Honolulu Engagement Photographer

with every location change we got a totally different vibe...

We loved the lighting at Sandy’s so much that we actually stayed longer than we had planned, but we had to move on and we were so glad we did because we got some beautiful soft lighting that made for some dreamy images at Eternity Beach.

Our last location didn’t dissapoint, and Kelly reserved this striking red dress which made for a stark contrast against the deep bold colors and hard light.